Ky Ky

They say revenge is the sweetest joy
they say revenge is a dish best served cold

boy oh boy

but to say things like that is pretty bold
and dwellng is getting old
but there could never possibly be a way I could get satisfaction after what they did to her
I cant take back the disgusting fact that they killed her

in cold blood

in the same room my brother held his new born son
crying from the gun shots just feet inching inbetween them her blood runs

and that was over two weeks ago

but i still feel the lump in throat

there is no place to call home

when home does not exist

it dont hit you in the chin with closed fist
it firmly stabs you in the heart and everyday it twists

but who am i to bitch

Im better, faster, stronger, and taller than this
depression sets in, still no slits in my wrists

because I have reasons to live and a family to kiss

Hunter S. type shit

Hunter S. type shit

For real though

If I die off fake weed will i go to a fake place?

oh my

oh my

(via truangles)

(via truangles)